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The Art of the Sabbatical is Here

The Art of the Sabbatical is Here

I wrote The Art of the Sabbatical because the nature of work is changing. We’re far removed from a time when you work for the same organization for 35 or 40 years and then retire. It’s now common to have almost 9 jobs before the age of 35, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why does society tell us to work, work, work then retire?   It doesn’t make sense.

It makes more sense that we might like to rest, celebrate, transition, or switch gears multiple times during our lifetime.  But we haven’t been taught to take breaks. In fact, they can feel uncomfortable.

A vacation won’t do. You need to shift your priorities and perspectives with many weeks or months off from work.

The Book is Here

I’m proud to announce The Art of the Sabbatical is now published and available for purchase. It’s a guidebook to lead you through the financial and mindset strategies you can use to plan a transformational work break.

  • If you’re burned out but don’t think a break is possible, this book will help you figure out where to begin planning.
  • If you’re thinking about a mid-career change, this book will help you use your sabbatical to explore possibilities.
  • If you’re dreaming of retirement, a sabbatical could be a way to “test the waters” to see what eventual retirement might be like.
  • If you want ideas to “practice” taking a sabbatical or get the feeling of taking a break without actually leaving your job, this book will also have tips for you.

In my work as a financial planner, I’ve coached dozens of people one-on-one to help them take a hiatus from work. And I can tell you from experience, it’s never the finances that are the MOST fear-inducing. It’s often intrusive, emotional reactions which can be the most challenging. It’s very easy for us to craft an identity around our work or job, and it takes effort to let go of your career identity, even temporarily.

My Story

I have first-hand experience. Before starting my financial planning firm in 2015, burned out and overworked, I left my corporate job without a real plan or timeline, just a loose idea I wanted to pivot to working in personal finance. I liked telling people I was taking a sabbatical because, for me, it meant the work break was somehow “sanctioned” or serving as a bridge to whatever came next. The reality was I had left a high-paying media job and didn’t know when or where my next real paycheck would come from. I also didn’t know when or how I would get to my next thing. That’s a scary situation for anyone.

When I took my sabbatical, it gave me unstructured space to slowly explore building a business that now, eight years in, is successful and thriving. Moreover, my sabbatical taught me to tolerate a different way of working, one that isn’t filled with daily emergencies and mini-crises. It also taught me to build-in balance, days off, and time to explore creative hobbies and interests.

I want that for you, too.

What’s in the Book

A sabbatical can take many shapes, forms or colors.  So in this book, we will examine success catalysts gleaned from others’ stories. I’ve interviewed dozens of people and gotten their take, so you get the first-hand knowledge from people of different walks of life.  Hint: it’s more “art” than science. We’ll explore why sabbaticals are so essential and what current offerings exist to take one. Sometimes they are paid or unpaid. Sometimes there’s support from your place of work, and sometimes you need to do it on your own (i.e a “self paid sabbatical”).

Your fears about taking an extended work break (whether related to the future, family, or finances) can be petrifying. So we’ll tackle those fears head-on and share ways of overcoming them. Then, we’ll look at some key success factors and explore methods of synthesizing what you’ll learn while away from work. Incorporating those learnings into your life and work will be important moving forward.

Finally, no matter where you are in your decision-making or planning, we’ll give you some actionable insights, stories and even journal prompts. We’ll fill up your palette so you can color in your sabbatical journey. This is where the art of the sabbatical comes in.