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Cady North

Author | Speaker | Investment Advisor

Helping support women’s money journeys

Hi, I’m Cady! I write about money, mindset,  sabbaticals, and work culture.  In my private client work, I help women act on their biggest dreams and build resilience for the future.

My Story

My parents were small business owners, and I learned to balance a business checkbook by the age of 13. I spent more than a decade advising high-level executives of Fortune 500 companies while working for industry giants such as Bloomberg and Financial Executives International. I then took the leap to start my own business helping women and entrepreneurs plan for their futures. With offices in both Washington D.C. and San Diego, I am available to meet with you if you live in either region. I also work via virtual screen sharing and video conference so we can work together no matter where you live.

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My Goal is to Give Back

One of the reasons I love working for myself is I can plan my own schedule and give back time to causes I appreciate. Financial literacy is one of those causes for me and I like to get involved by providing free financial planning workshops to local organizations. This is just one example of how you can design your business to reflect your personal goals!

Education and Experience

Certified Financial Planner®

M.B.A Georgetown University

B.A. The University of Texas at Austin

Bloomberg LP, Senior Financial Analyst and Advisor

Financial Executives International, Senior Manager

State of Texas, Advisor

Capital Consultants, Legislative Assistant