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I’m Cady North

Author | Speaker | Investment Advisor | Founder and CEO North Financial Advisors    

This page is a collection of my work, including my latest book, The Resiliency Effect. 

Personal Finance

Most people believe you have to have millions of dollars in order to hire a financial advisor to help you with your investments.  The way I structure my services, I’m able to help people who don’t have significant assets but are serious about working toward their goals. 


I offer workshops and speaker-for-hire services on the subjects of money, mindset, behavior, sabbaticals, mental health, and work culture.

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How To Own Your Adversity and Act on Your Biggest Dreams

The Resiliency Effect

Most people can name several big dreams they have for themselves. Everyone thinks they’ll get to it “one day,” and everyone thinks there’s a specific productivity, life or financial hack that will somehow lead to a more fulfilling life. The truth is, there are internal steps we must take first.

The Resiliency Effect will teach you to embrace and overcome adversity so you too can live your biggest dreams. In this book, you will learn how to determine what habits and coping strategies are blocking you from success and to take tangible steps to make lasting changes in your life.

Drawing on the fields of life coaching, financial planning and psychology, and filled with interviews from successful women, Cady’s book offers a way to develop excitement and energy around your purpose. 

Address burnout and imposter syndrome

Discover how to unlearn coping mechanisms

Allow your inner journey match your outer journey

Unlock your passions

Find out how to live your biggest dreams

Take a sabbatical

Change careers or start a business

Retire early


I write about money, mindset, work culture, and mental health  


The Resiliency Effect: How To Own Your Adversity to Act on Your Biggest Dreams


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About Me

I’m an author, speaker, investment advisor, and the CEO and founder of North Financial Advisors.   I work with women to support their money journeys.  

I write about money, mindset, behavior, mental health, and work culture.  In my private client work, I help women act on their biggest dreams and build financial resilience for the future.