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“The Resiliency Effect” is Live

Behind every strong and powerful woman is a set of adversities she probably doesn’t speak about. Not facing them directly leads to burnout or even stagnation and roadblocks in life. Most people I work with can name several big dreams they have for themselves. Everyone thinks they’ll get to it “one day.” And, everyone thinks there’s a specific productivity, life, or financial hack that will somehow lead to a more fulfilling life.

After 5 years owning my own financial planning business, I realized a common theme among many clients and prospects is that we all can name big dreams we have for ourselves, but very few of us are actually living them. We often find ourselves burned out and wondering what’s next. We easily move on to the next thing rather than doing the inner work necessary to match our outer dreams. Knowing there is a limit to the number of people I can reach one-on-one, I wanted to write a book exploring ways which people have overcome their adversities to live their biggest dreams.

My hope in reading this book is you will discover reaching your dreams is not about getting another rung on the career ladder, working harder or finding another life or productivity hack. I hope to instill a passion and excitement for focusing on your inner journey. Ultimately, I want you to see this as a tool to help you launch your biggest dreams.

Now you can order it today.

In this book, you’ll learn about how to make sure your inner journey matches your outer journey. The common denominator of the 50+ people I profiled in the book is that they made a big change to live a life more in sync with their purpose and passions. Learn from their stories and insights which unfold over three parts:

  • How to Move From Surviving to Thriving
  • Success Catalysts
  • Launching Your Big Dreams

You will love this book if you are someone who is successful in their careers but aren’t feeling fulfilled. Or if you’ve ever said, I want to start a business, take a sabbatical or retire early “one day” but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

The Resiliency Effect is a non-fiction book that speaks to professional women who are looking at next steps in their careers or desire to find more meaning in their lives.

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